Night breathes a new life into this city. The wind breaks against my face as alcohol resists the ambition fueled progress. Around me are vehicles driven by the helpless and the hopeless. Another weekend descends upon this undeserving populace.

The air is laced with dust from the convoluted development that happens in this city which is on the brink of destruction.

In my shiny new cab songs play from a bygone era that whisper gentle admonitions. My blood boils at the sight of those who break the rules by endangering the lives of many others. It’s an everyday occurrence.

Billboards coax executives into buying advertisements they don’t need and auto-rickshaws accentuate the ambiance with their gas fueled cadence.

Motorcycle riders defy death with their naked heads confident with the promise of tomorrow. Multi-axle trucks from hell barrel down the highway oblivious of those unfortunate few who sleep by the sides of these perennial arteries.

The songs from a bygone era continue questioning my conviction and my shiny new cab rides on.

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