Hip, High ‘n’ Heady

“I was going through an article in The Times of India when it brought back the memories of Bangalore. It is one and the only place which I love more than Bombay, one primary reason being its open-mindedness towards music. Bombay is more pop-centric and no one but the connoiseurs can accept anything remotely related to Rock music. And the much touted pub-culture of Bangalore. You have to see it to believe it. Before I went there, there was a feeling that the pub-culture was over-hyped. But not so. There were pubs like Styx and Purple Haze which were nothing short of heaven for me. Believe me guys Bangalore is really more happening than Bombay.

It’s a bacchanal zone on and around Bangalore’s Brigade Road. At the dozen-odd watering holes here, techies rub shoulders with medicos, wannabe models with wannabe musicians, businessmen with ad professionals.

Pink heads mix with the gell-haired and hipster pants meld with micro-minis. Welcome to pubbing paradise.

It’s heady inside. As if some cult guru has ordained the final celebration. The blaring surround sound is only a sundry item in this boisterous scheme of things. If you throw your fist in the air on spotting a pal, you are making a cultural understatement. Raise your mug

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