Evangelist or Satan

“A profession that was revered by people from ages is out to denigrate itself.
The drift here is towards the medical profession. Whether to generalise some of our experiences to inveterate the whole medical community remains a question.

In medieval India and perhaps everywhere else, Doctors where equated to Saints. There was a factor of humanity in the profession. The doctor knew that if he was out to earn money, his primary aim would be to save lives and treat them with utmost humanity if not affection. If the rich could be cured, so could the poor.

Time progressed and the medical profession retrograded.

The modern doctors are nothing short of money minting machines with objective and impassive frame of mind.
Take the case of one of my Grandma, who had to undergo a full body CT Scan. As soon as she stepped into the room full of patients waiting for their turn, she was asked to handover the five grands, as the cost. Then she was made to wait for atleast 4 hours before her turn came. Agreed that here there was no doctor, there was just some medically trained staff, but it all finally boils down to the profession.

Take the case of our Eye Doctor. He keeps the patients waiting outside in long queues for hours at end while he joyously sits in his air-conditioned cabin to chat with his family members. When we came to know of the reason we were shocked beyond words. “”He had earned enough money to keep him and his family supported for the entire life. So he did not need to earn more!!””

Ask any bombayite and he will shudder at the thought of going to a doctor. And all this when were are ready to pay!!

Finding good doctors in this metropolis is like finding a needle in the haystack, not that there are none. But I, for one, have completely lost faith in this once worshipped profession. I would pray to God not to make me ill, not because I would suffer, but because I would have to face another doctor.

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