Skeptics Galore!

“Its really amazing how skeptical the Indian politicians can get.
I was watching “”Question Time India”” on BBC yesterday night when they were discussing some of the current topics that are dogging the centre. There was Mrs. Sheila Dixit (Congress) and Mr. Prabhu (BJP), among the more prominent of the political faces.
There were various issues raised in the heated discussion. Among them one was that of the Golden Quadrilateral and the juxtaposed canalization of the perennial rivers. Mr. Prabhu was desperately trying to explain to them that the project was supposed to be really gargantuan and everything would take time. But still Mrs. Dixit as always was raising petty doubts like “”Wouldnt the political parties of the states interfere?”” or like “”Do you think this project will be successful?””. But never once did she go through the statistics which said that one side of the quadrilateral was already completed.
I would like ask you one thing. The congress was given 50 years of ruling power. What did it do, apart from make foolish decisions and eat up the country’s wealth?
Now when things are looking up for the country only because of the new ruling power people raise petty doubts and make them look like minnows. After all its been only one term since BJP came into the centre. But it was good to see that the audience fully supported Mr. Prabhu.

And when someone from the audience asked Mrs. Dixit about the problems faced by Delhi (her state), she was hopelessly trying to defend herself.

The opposition in India is sticking by name and is being literal all the time by ‘opposing’ the ruling party. This has to end somewhere for the country to make some progress.

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