Atheist or Agnostic

Today, I embark upon a very sensitive topic. I dont know whether I will be able to do enough justice to it. But here goes:

The world is a stage,
Life is a drama,
We are all actors,
And God is director.

I had heard this quote from my mom long back when I was a kid (I think its written by George Bernard Shaw). I used to believe every word of it. But as you grow, you tend to come out of the perennial blindness that the inherent culture inflicts upon you. Till recently I did not know what was the difference between and Atheist and an Agnostic person. I used to call myself an Atheist, but no longer I do.

Atheist: A person who denies the existence of God
Agnostic: A person who is skeptical about the existence of God.

Well, now I know fit into the Agnostic faction. For centuries people have been believing in idol worship, in almost all religions in India. But there is no one to blame. The ethos that define a culture are induced gradually and not spasmodically. Why do we believe in worshipping an idol made out of stone, or a framed photograph of ‘someone’ whom you refer to as God?? Why do we blindly follow the traditions which were set-up eons ago?? Sometimes when I think aloud I get the answers saying that these were written in our ancient scriptures. Come on!! We are in the 21st century!! We do believe in scientific facts that were written centuries ago, take the case of Archimedes. But we dont deny those facts because they are not just thrust upon us. They come with a plausible reason. Give me a good reason for idol worship and for believing those ancient scriptures and I will believe in them.

I believe in God when He comes in goodness.
I believe in God when He comes as thoughtfulness.

I resent digesting mere facts because they are bound to lead to a nation-wide catharsis at some point of time and more so because I do not have a plausible reason to believe.
It all seems so fallacious and so pretentious. Its a house of cards, waiting for a gust of wind.

Digressing a little, I would like to mention the Lotus Temple in Delhi. It is one place where you can feel God. The tranquility of the place is insuperable. That is one place where you have to find God. He is not given to you in the form of some ‘stone’ or a photograph.

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