Seasons in the Abyss

The pedestrian called Love has the propensity of wandering through the ravines of human motives. Cruel as it is, Love, often acts as the Grim Reaper. Dessicating most fertile of the seasons, Love is not everyones friend.

When Love becomes friendly, they often have the ostentatious aura of being in heaven.
Little do they know, about the infidel friend.

Love raps the door while one is enjoying Seasons in the Abyss and covers their mortal farm with flowers of spring.
Little do they know, that autumn is Love’s first offspring.

When Love brings the sunshine in the life, theres a feeling that there will never be another night.
Little do they know, what is true light.

When Love becomes the best friend, they do away with their best friends.
Little do they understand, what are the trends.

Love makes them feel ensconced on the highest pedestal and rise above their own realms,
Little do they understand, that Love has no qualms.

And when Love brings in the November Rain,
Little do they care about the pain.

And when Love bids them a cruel farewell, they feel, now, they are in the biggest vice.
Little do they know, that unlike Lightning, Love does strike the same place twice.

And next time when Love greets them on the way,
Little do they know, that this is another day.

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