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“I think there must be hundreds of people who rant about the sad state of Indian television. All it does is subject you to abject and mindless family politics and melodrama which can make you choke over and over again. Stereotype would be a highly understated adjective for these TV serials.

There might another school of thought here that says that the creators of these shows give the audiences what they want and what they like. I would say thats not the case. Its a complete loop. Unless and until they know what they are missing out on, there is no way for the audiences to raise their bar of judgement. You make something different something intelligent. Gone are the days when oafs and blondes ruled the world.

Quite recently I started watching this TV Series called Hustle which is aired in the UK on BBC. Its not available in India but, then piracy is the name of the game. But thats a different story for some other day. Its a series about con-artists. A crew of five who are involved with long-cons. They swindle people of their money. But the people they swindle are the people who have made this money by unfair means. They have their own code of ethics. People would say that we have a moral obligation not to show deceit and theft, et cetera on the television so as to not corrupt the minds of the young viewers and to discourage potential thefts. I assume this would be the reasoning to not create such a series. But, the vital point here is that it titillates your brain. It doesen’t just fill your brain with stupid and mindless family politics (I for one dont give a rats ass for it). It makes you want more, think more. Here‘s the website for more dope.

If there is something that corrupts the young minds and screws their life’s peace, then its these family dramas full of deceit and treachery. They should be banned from the boob tube. I think its high time, Indian television takes a cue from its western counterparts and cooks up something sensible. Till that time, for me, its piracy ahoy!!

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