Whats The Craze All About?

“I think every Indian at some point of time must have desired to go abroad and specifically to the US. Not many think about the fact that mountains look radiant from far away. The dust gets into your eyes only when you venture close to it. People might have conflicting opinions on this issue and once again I might be kicking up a major storm here. But something that happened recently caught my eye and hence the attention. Here goes:

The scientist community is up in arms against the denial of US entry visa to senior scientist Goverdhan Mehta. Mehta was formerly associated with the Indian Institute of Science.
Top scientists have expressed their grouse at the “”impolite”” questions they are asked while applying for a US visa. None other than C N R Rao, principal scientific advisor to the Prime Minister, has said he may stop visiting that country.
Rao said on Friday, “”It’s regrettable that the US cannot distinguish between a scientist and a student. We are not beggars. We are a developing economy. When they expect royal treatment in India, why don’t they reciprocate?””
Rao, who faced a similar experience three years back, said, “”They ask impolite questions. I’m not saying they shouldn’t. But they ought to be polite.””
The sentiments are no different with other top scientists who feel the insult to Indian scientists is happening all too often.
Former IISc director G Padmanabhan said, “”I have stopped going abroad. It’s insulting the way they treat Indians.”” Space scientist U R Rao feels the government must take up the issue with the US. Padmanabhan says this is due to US obsession with security. (Source: TOI)

And at this time I wonder, why do we still continue to grovel? People tell me that “”going abroad broadens your perspective and gives you a new outlook””. Sure it does. But should it be at the expense your own self-respect? There is a thin line between self-respect and ego. But this is an open and shut case of losing your self respect and going. I respect the views of the scientist above. And the same are mine. Although I have never been through any such experience, I have a heard a lot of cases. People might rebuke me by saying that I havent had any first hand experience. Are all these cases made up then? I wonder.

Its high time we have some sort of pride for our country. Sure, it might be full of shit when it comes to politics. Sure it might be the Michael Schumacher of corruption. But no country is pure from its inception. You have to make it that way. If you run away with your tail tucked between your legs, who would work, to make the country the way it should be? All patriotism? Nah, I say all practicality.

Bite Me.

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