What a fiasco!

“I was away for a good 10 days attending a CII Conference. I came back only to be greeted by (arguably) one of the most humorous incidents in the lawsuit-o-sphere. Its a known fact that lawsuits are filed by the drop of a hat in some countries. Little did I know that a similar culture is permeating the most laggard legal by-lanes of India too.

In an apalling incident IIPM sent out of a legal notice to two bloggers: Varna and Gaurav Sabnis. My heart goes out to them (Varna and Gaurav). There has been no support from the media big-wigs who, I am sure, have a fair idea of what the truth is. I am doing my MBA myself currently (I shall not state my institute for the fear of it being dragged into this) and let me tell you something. Most of these B-School rankings are rigged. I may not have the facts with me right now, but take a survey of b-school students and you will get a nearly unanimous opinion about the rankings being rigged. (NO, I am not taking any names right now).

The most hilarious thing in the whole episode was their threat to IBM. I have absolutely no clue how IBM came into the picture. Do they not know the difference between personal and professional space? Anyway, so coming back to the threat, it was this, that they would burn IBM ThinkPads in front of their office…!! Wow!

Its high time that we stop toying around with education and innocent students’ futures. One such incident would mean the whole of Indian media and B-School fraternity will be put to shame. Just imagine the kind of picture this would delineate for someone who is not from this country but a potential recruiter for students from one of the Indian B-Schools. Well, I would say it puts the credibility of the entire MSM (Main Stream Media) at stake.

In this credibility issue, which has now been translated into an IIPM v/s Bloggers war, I completely support Gaurav and Varna. Not just because I am a blogger too, but because I am first a B-School Student doing my MBA from an extremely reputed institute. I stressed on extremely reputed here, because thats how we all know the way in which rankings are rigged.

I strongly believe that IIPM owes an apology to everyone concerned. And I sure hope I am not slapped with another legal notice.”

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