As I met her once again..

We hugged each other ever so tightly, trembling, as yet another moment of seperation beckoned. The days with her trudged along like a vivid dream.

We shared a feeling that no time had passed ever since I had to leave her the first time. It seemed like just yesterday when we walked those familiar streets and spent time in those places that still delineate an entire world in my mind.

We hadn’t changed. It was time that had stopped reeling somewhere along the way.

We relived the magic of the place where I met her first time. She still holds my hand like she always did – gripping, as if never to let go. We spend a lifetime together in those few days that we meet.

She always cries a thousand tears when the moment comes. My gaze met her eyes till I could see her no more.

… And I wait, yet again.

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