Man comes poor.
Man slogs ass off.
Man becomes rich.
Man has kid.
Kid is bad.
Man dies.
Kid becomes good.

So what?!!?

Gah! Never should have gone for it. This number of imbecile writers and directors in this industry is increasing ridiculously. Gone are the days when people used to say that, “”Hey thats an Amitabh movie. It should be good””. The Big B has lost his discretion among the big $$. Never again will I ever go for his movie thinking that it might be half decent. I went for “”Waqt”” yesterday. It was by far one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Lets skip to one of my fortes on which I can blabber about. Music.

The movie had some really amazing lyrics in the songs. What with lyrics like:

Do me a favor, lets play Holi!!

Ohh yes and all that in that amazingly high pitched half-male-half-female-half-martian voice of the famous – hold your breath – music director Anu Malik.

These are the songs on which our young so-called hep guys and gals will dance to when they go to the discotheques. And they’ll scream, “”Ohh what a remix!!!””

I can just puke at these songs.
Where are the days when music came from the heart?? Where are the days of Queen, Guns N Roses and Pink Floyd…??
Everytime I switch on that boob tube I feel like tearing it apart when I check out the music channels. Mindless remixes with lyrics so stupid that they can make a blonde look brilliant. These are the days when people dance to artists who fool them by lip synching on stage. I will hope better days will be back again. A wave meaningful music HAS to sweep this nation of fools. I dont mean just rock. I mean meaningful music.

There I go again…. I can fill pages and pages on the shitty music that is dished out to these stupid people who take all that shit. Forget it.


Moral of the story: If you hate someone, give them free tickets for the movie Waqt. If you want to show a little mercy, gift them earplugs also. Unless of course if they are one from the ‘remixed’ generation.

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