The year of the Fox

The death knell has been sounded for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer as Mozilla’s Firefox takes it head-on straight into the arena.


Well, for those who are let me put it straight. Microsoft’s IE had more or less a monopoly when it came to browsers. Most people preferred IE for its ease of use and simplicity. But when the simplicity gets a bit too far, changes have to be made. Enter Mozilla’s Firefox browser. In recent news it has already crossed 12 million downloads and now has a 5% share in the browser preferences and growing bigtime!! Trust me, that is a lot.

Its been like 5-6 years since IE’s features have been updated. They have dished out the same old crap now and then with minor cosmetic improvements. And to top it all, Internet Explorer is extremely vulnerable to security breaches.

Firefox on the other hand is extremely fast when it comes to page loading times. Absolutely secure browsing due to the absence of the tight Microsoft-like integration. I for one would give an out and out suggestion to everyone. Switch to Firefox. Now!

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