The MMS Incident

There has been a lot of hue and cry over the DPS RKPuram MMS that had been circulated over the net. A lot of dust has been raised over the reputation of a premier institute, IIT Kharagpur. Well, I as a student of IIT Kgp, have been in the situation and know what exactly happened.

About one month back, this particular MMS clip was introduced on the institute LAN and everyone started downloading it. At the same time I happened to talk to a few friends from other institutes and even they said that they had already come across the clip. So pointing a finger at one particular institute is not fair.

Now the other side is that one particular guy from first year MTech was auctioning this clip on That was probably an immoral thing to do. But the steps taken by the Indian authorities are really drastic and to say the least, stupid.

How in heavens name could they arrest a CEO of the company that seems to have millions of products on auction. Can the CEO sit and scan each item on auction? The administration needs to do a reality check on what they have been upto. There are no concrete IT Laws that the country can abide by. The state of the Indian administration, when it comes to dealing with such issues, is apalling. I was enraged when I read the newspapers about the arrest of the CEO of

People need to think about one thing. Theres infinite porn available on the internet and things like these happen on a daily basis in the rest of the world. Maybe a different approach is required to clamp these down. Colleges have started banning the use of cellphones and cellphones with cameras. What purpose will it serve? It will only encourage better and stealth technology.

I for one believe that a mountain is being made out of a mole hill here. It would be good if all speculations were laid to rest and things worked pragmatically rather than the imbecile way in which the authorities are working.

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