Digging Failures

“It has always been a contentious issue for any generation with the previous generation. But surprisingly, everytime a generation grows up, things are forgotten and people tread the same path once more.

Its the fear of failure that has inhibited people from ages. I am specifically talking about the students here. The stigma attached with failing is so bad that a student can virtually go to absolutely any extent to pass in the examination. Philosophers and people who we call the so called thinkers, often say, “”Failure is a stepping stone to success””. I have heard big industrialists and business tycoons repeat in their speeches, the same old cliche. But what happens to all these when it comes to their own company. I have been through the interview processes of various companies and most of the companies have a pre-requisite that states that the student need to be clear all through out. Not a single failure in his degree career. So what happened to the statement that the head honcho of the same company made?

Students copy in the exams and get debarred. Laws are made for the same stating that, “”if a student is caught copying he shall be barred from giving the exam for 2 years””. This is the law that is written into the documentation of the 10th and 12th board in quite a few states. So what is it that will prevent these laws from ever coming into effect? The social status of a person who has failed is always considered to be doomed. A major upheavel is needed in the entire social strata.

A plethora of problems can be solved if the social acceptance improves. Not only social, the industry also. Sample paper leakages. Why does it happen? Law can be used for better things. You live by the sword and you die by the sword. Its you who has to decide how to use it.

When you think that we’ve used all our chances
And the chance to make everything right
Keep on making the same old mistakes
Makes untipping the balance so easy
When we’re living our lives on the edge
Say a prayer on the book of the dead

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