“I always thought what could be better than sitting in my favourite watering hole in Bombay (Toto’s Garage Pub) and drinking chilled beer. I never let myself get carried away when I was in Bombay. Well it was home I had to go to at night. So there was no question of going back drunk. Incidently, I had a whole list of silly excuses always ready in case my mom woke up and asked me, “”Whats that smell?”” And the best part was, mom always fell for it

Well back in Kharagpur, things are different. You are staying alone and and theres no one to stop you. And well, at the end of the day, its IIT you are talking about. Every IIT has got a unique culture of its own. But lemme tell you, IITians (now includes me also) are all brats.

So lemme tell you something about IIT-KGP.
Kharagpur is a place in West Bengal, located about two and a half hours away from Kolkatta (Thats for the uninitiated. I didnt know myself until I got an interview call for IIT-KGP). It is basically a very small town. We can say that the entire town grew around IIT. But IIT, well its got everthing. Its got the typical IIT aura of non-polluted environment with tall and dense trees lining up the roads and the campus strecthing for acres and acres. IIT KGP is the largest with 1600 acres of land. You can see the entrance but there is no exit. Atleast I havent seen one to date.

So then we were talking about getting drunk at IIT. We have this paanwalla just outside the main gate of IIT. Bhondu, as we call him, is a handy-man. A man who can satisfy all ur needs and I mean all. Right from booze to dope to skin (ahem). Midnight is when most of the sessions begin. And its peak business for him from 12:00 to about 2:30 am. You smuggle booze into your hostel and quietly (well only for some time) sit at your favourite made-up bar and drink to your heart’s content. If you pass out, theres nothing to worry, someone will carry you to your room :D or heck, you can just sleep there.

I have gotten a little drunk on previous occasions but never have I given so much mumbo-jumbo. Like there was this particular night when after the session we were discussing about something I didnt even know and Gwalior was mentioned. And what do you know, I was quick at saying, “”Gwaaaaalior, thet ius in Maharashtraaaa”” And well I was arguing on it . The best part was that all this I came to know after a week. I tend to forget all of it the next day when I wake up.

Everytime I got drunk here, I have done some or the other non-sensical thing. But its been fun. Well there are more episodes, but I guess I shall just save them for later someday. Till then “”hic””…”

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