LLB for Dummies

“We have all been through numerous places through the years, when we’ve just hated to sit in those classrooms. And adaptable as a human being is, we try and succeed in dodging those creatures called professors.

If you can relate to majority of the following, then revel in your newfound glory of being called an LLB (Lord of the Last Bench):

  • You believe that theres always room at the back
  • When a professor looks at you, you scratch your temples in a thoughtful manner (while in reality you are lost somewhere in Hollywood or engrossed in making plans for the evening).
  • You always try to find a huge person to sit behind (it provides for good cover when you try to hide behind and snore away)
  • You believe that spectacles are a man’s best friend. It always provides a guise for your sleep. If you didnt have one, you went and got one without any power.
  • Your eyes are always fixed on the board while doodling in your book (this makes the prof. think that you are taking notes)
  • You nod your head occasionally in a scholarly manner
  • You prepare an excuse before grabbing those 40 winks. The most popular one being, “”Ma’am, I had a severe headache””
  • You are on a red alert during the attendance and believe that attendance is the most important part of a lecture.
  • Lastly, you find yourself in a position, when you have just woken up to disturbing sounds of “”Wake him up!!!”” (okay this one is the worst, and at this point you decide, I shall never sleep in class again, only to nod off again in 15 minutes)

Its time to go home and excitement is unlimited

Am finally getting a much needed break next week, when I’ll be going home for a week. And I’m already waiting with bated breath for these days to pass by. And well we are getting royally screwed just before we leave for home. We have to present 6 cases in 4 days . Guess they want us to thoroughly enjoy our break

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